In Pursuit

     of Purpose

  It’s a long and winding road for me,
to meet design, to learn design, to find 
    and create meaning through design.
Before I started learning design at the age of 24, I’ve already obtained a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a Master of Science degree in marketing communications. None of them are design-related. To some extent, I was following the path that had been set before me.

However, all these years of wandering and learning have gradually imbued me with a strong desire to seek a compelling purpose beyond merely jumping on the bandwagon. It is design that gives me the privilege to not only express my independent perspective, but also create meanings and ascribe values to the world we live in. I am grateful, for being able to meet design, to learn design and to find a purpose through design.
Good design should always be purpose-driven. It’s more about strategy than simply making things beautiful. For each project in this portfolio, I began with an objective—the purpose—and introduced my approach of achieving it. In many cases my purpose is about human, be it leveling up our life experiences, envisioning a better future for the young, or advancing diversity and inclusion. But I also enjoy exploring the art and science of typography, film, music, literature and more.
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