Thesis: Be the


AdClusion: Diversity in Ads
MFA Thesis
   A thesis project that advocates diversity
       and better representation in ads
by fostering understanding, empathy
   and empowerment.
The lack of diversity and the issue of underrepresentation in advertising have greatly impacted people’s perception of themselves and the world. The goal of this project is to foster a better understanding of diversity, strengthen empathy for people of different cultures and personalities, and empower diverse talent in the ad industry.

I began with researching into why diversity in advertising matters to the audience and what barriers ad producers often encounter in representing different people. I also generated insights into some of the best practices in the industry by conducting in-depth interviews with over 20ad professionals. This information became the foundation of my deliverables, which included both print and digital solutions that help brands and advertisers to thrive with diverse and inclusive ad messaging.

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